Life is too short to not share a smile.

When you think there is no way, think again or ask for help.

When you show up as your best self, you can positively impact others who cross your path.



KROS stands for Kylie Rae of Sunshine.

Most would describe Kylie Rae as a positive person who can smile through it all.  A former luxury hotelier turned Certified Positive Mindset Coach, luxury hospitality trainer and consultant. 

My strengths include workplace wellness, creating cultures of kindness, creative problem solving, goal setting with strategic action plans, and standards of service excellence.

Join me for Monday Morning Motivation calls, 1:1 coaching, online webinars or in person intensives to drive results in positivity, productivity, and profitability.



Born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where I learned the values of family, community and kindness through old fashioned Southern Hospitality. I am a passionate professional who proudly spends my days, sharing smiles, creatively solving problems and teaching others how to do the same.

Throughout my 16+ year career, I built Service with a Smile programs and demonstrated a successful history of working in the luxury market of the Hospitality and Tourism industry. Building relationships and solving problems with a positive mindset is on the top of my skill set list. People taking care of people and leaving people better off than when they crossed my path - is the philosophy I embrace.

 SWAS is designed to incorporate workplace, help business executives strategically infuse kindness in their company culture, reignite a passion to serve, increase employee engagement, guest experience and drive financial performance.


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"After just 2 weeks of working with Kylie Rae, I've made some massive shifts in my mindset and my daily routine. I am hopeful for the new future I'm creating."

Maisy Bouchey

"This time last year, I was a frazzled mother of 2, just barely getting by. Thanks to Kylie Rae's courses, I'm a happier, healthier person for myself and my family."

Janell Parks