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COO, Director of Happiness

As a former luxury hotelier, I am a passionate service professional who proudly spends my days smiling and solving problems.

On a mission to share my signature training program, Service with a Smile, in each of the 50 states in the USA. This program was designed to help business executives and CEO's infuse kindness in their company culture, reignite team's passion to serve, increase guest engagement, and drive financial performance.

Throughout my career, I have created Service with a Smile series of workplace wellness and standards of service excellence training workshops and demonstrated a successful history of working in the luxury market of the Hospitality and Tourism industry. Building relationships and solving problems with a positive mindset is on the top of my skill set list. People taking care of people and leaving people better off than when they crossed my path - is the philosophy I embrace.

Service with a Smile standards of service excellence training and coaching sessions are available in person or virtually. Explore more of the website or connect with me for more information and dates of availability.

"As a global even firm, the pandemic hit us hard. But we knew we wanted to not just survive - but thrive through it. So we brought in Kylie Rae for the Service with a Smile (SWAS) training.  It gave us new tools and empowered our team members to co-create our service standards, which in turn instilled a more personal purpose into our work.  SWAS has been the best investment we have made as a company to weave productivity and pride throughout all of our processes."

Ashley Lawson, Partner of Achieve Incentives & Meetings

"Kylie Rae is a valuable asset to any person, team or organization that is looking to infuse productive, actionable positivity into their life. A topic that can often be passive with just quotes/ideas that don't actually translate into action, Kylie is able to integrate practices that actually drive results. She inspires change and motivates growth with a personal, down to Earth approach that anyone can appreciate. It you get the chance to work with her, you must! I'm so grateful for all the insights and actionable steps she has provided me with over the years. I absolutely appreciate her mentorship and guidance."

Maddy Tavares, Founder of Thee Clean Bee
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